BENRUS was founded in New York by Benjamin Lazrus and his two brothers and took its name from the first syllable of his name and the last syllable of the family name. The three young men combined $5,000 in savings and started importing Swiss watch movements and casing them in New York.


The New York based BENRUS brand was once based out of one Manhattan’s most historic buildings, the Hippodrome located on 6th Avenue between West 43rd and West 44th streets as well as what is known today as the Jewelry District in the heart of the city on 47th street between 5th and 6th avenues.


BENRUS launches a marketing campaign centered around one of the world’s biggest celebrities at the time, Charles Lindbergh.


BENRUS develops a “sports aviation” watch model which was worn and promoted by Babe Ruth


During this time, BENRUS perfects the anti magnetic watch case, improving aviation warfare for generations to come. As WW2 unfolds, BENRUS pioneers and produces the first water proof watch for : sailors, divers, cover-ops. 


A moment of glory for the BENRUS brand is the development of the SKY CHIEF model in collaboration with the leading aviation companies of the time. The SKY CHIEF became “The Official Watch of Famous Airlines.”


Benrus was a heavily advertised brand as an affordable luxury piece through out the 1950s. Utilizing live sketches and images to attract a new audience.


BENRUS becomes an ally with the US air force providing them with an advanced shock resistance watch.


BENRUS is once again called to arms. During this time BENRUS perfected the diver watch by creating one of the first helium pressure resistant diver watch.


The Democratic National Convention (DNC) gifts late president John F. Kennedy a custom made BENRUS watch. This watch becomes part of his one of a kind collection.


Influenced by McQueen’s Bullitt performance, BENRUS creates pieces inspired by its rich American history.


In 2015 BENRUS collaborates with well known Tokyo concept store Neighborhood, reconstructing the classic watch. Converting it in into a global menswear staple.


Driven by our past but motivated by our future. BENRUS will carry its classic soul and create pieces for the everyday hero. Becoming an essential staple piece for generations to come.